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Frequently asked questions

Automated trading strategies
Automated trading strategies
  • Why are your bots priced so low when offering such consistent results?
    Automated Trading Strategies is committed to providing an improved "quality of life" to our community and investors, so we want to make our bots accessible to anyone. By driving our community, we are able to reach all sizes of investors, which allows us to grow exponentially. Let's face it, we want you to get onboard, see the results, and upgrade to the larger contract bots.
  • Why are the ATS bots different than traditional trading bots?
    The current market for trading bots and algorithms is approximately 5-8 months of return, which means our bots would cost more than double their current price.
  • How do I setup my bot?
    We are committed to making this a seamless installation, which can be completed by any level of technical acumen. Our team has created short and simple walkthrough videos and documentation, but we are always available to help with any hurdles.
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