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Top-Rated Trading Platform

Trade Station

As ATS expands the capabilities and exchange options for our trading strategies, we are still committed to the TradeStation exchange and team. TradeStation is one of the oldest and most well-known exchange/brokerages in the trading community.

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Trading Futures offer a variety of advantages for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio and capitalize on the ever-changing world economy.

With TradeStation, traders can access nearly round the clock trading opportunities, increase their leverage, and access highly liquid futures markets.

  • Access a wide array of diversified investments including      indices, treasuries, metals, energies, currencies, and more

  • Increased leverage allows futures traders to control a large amount of notional value with a relatively small amount of capital

  • Virtually 24-hour around the clock access to major futures exchanges across the U.S. and Europe

  • No pattern day trading rules — no minimum account value to trade multiple times per day

  • Easy to short — no short sale restrictions or hard-to-borrow availability concerns

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Welcome To Your New Trading Strategy

Please review and complete the below walkthroughs before scheduling you installation. Without these steps completed, we cannot perform an install.

TradeStation Account Setup and Walkthrough
One=Pager Onboarding Process

How It Works

Select and Create

Select the strategy that you would like to trade, create and fund your TradeStation Account

Install & Connect

Install Tradestation and Connect your strategies

Sit Back & Watch

Activate your strategy and watch the trades live. Or go about your day and let the bot do the work while you enjoy life

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